This Is What The Ford Mustang Mach-E Would've Looked Like In The '60s

  • Friday 7th August 2020

For many, many years - or rather, decades, the Ford Mustang was sold exclusively as a two-door sports car. All that changed last year with the introduction of the Mustang Mach-E as the brand’s first all-electric crossover with four doors and a more practical body. We can’t help but ask - what would have the EV’s predecessor from the 1960s looked like?

Designer wb.artist20 is here to give us a potential answer to that question. One of his latest renderings takes a 1968 Mustang GT500 KR and turns it into a four-door (sort of) utility vehicle carrying all the signature design features of the original.


Obviously, the proportions are not something to be proud of - the overall shape is reminiscent of the Mustang Mach-E but the more muscular profile of the 60s’ original doesn’t seem to fit the idea especially well. And that's not something the artist did wrong - it's just the nature of the beast. The front end is a bit taller to better reflect the transformation into a high-riding machine - and that’s something that looks fine with the two additional headlights in the upper grille.

"What if Ford had introduced the Mustang with a crossover variant from the beginning," the artists rhetorically asks. "Maybe called it the 'Mach G'? Would so many people dislike the Mach E still? Or is it that it’s an EV that a lot of people don’t like? Or maybe people would have hated it back then too? So many questions come to mind"

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To say the Mustang Mach-E got mixed reactions from fans and customers would be an understatement - for at least a few months, it was probably the most discussed topic in the automotive scene. This new retro interpretation probably won’t settle the dispute but the point is obviously different.