Ampol returns to Australian service stations as Caltex exits

  • Thursday 1st January 1970

The iconic Australian brand hasn't been seen on Australian service stations for 25 years.

Australian-founded fuel brand Ampol has officially returned to service stations after almost 25 years out of action after opening its first two Ampol-branded stores in the towns of Concord and Granville in New South Wales.

The locations, opened on August 21, mark the beginning of a two-year transition which will see Ampol replace the Caltex brand on local service stations.

The move comes after US oil company Chevron terminated the licensing agreement allowing the use of the Caltex name.

As a result, the Ampol brand – which started its life in 1936 as the Australian Motorists Petrol Company – will reappear at the more than 1900 Caltex sites nationwide, including across co-branded Caltex and Woolworths outlets.

“Ampol remains a proud Australian company and customers can expect the same great customer service and high-quality products when they step into these stores, underpinned by our market-leading infrastructure and networks and commitment to playing a positive role in local economies and communities," said Matthew Halliday, Ampol’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

“These first Ampol stores also bring to life our drive to be world-class in everything we do and celebrate the best of our convenience offering through the Foodary and our unparalleled experience with premium fuels through our Amplify premium fuels range."

The Sydney suburbs of Concord and Granville were selected as Ampol's debut locations as a nod to the brand's history in the city.

Ampol was founded by Sir William Gaston Walkley in a Sydney lawyer's office and the first Ampol site was located in the harbourside suburb of Mosman in 1952.

Sydney also served as the site of Ampol's first-ever fuel delivery in 1937, at the company's White Bay delivery terminal on Sydney Harbour.

It's been almost 25 years since the Ampol brand last appeared on Australian service stations.

The company was originally founded to address Australians' concerns over transfer pricing from foreign oil companies, but it later merged with Caltex in 1995 and the name was subsequently phased out.

Caltex Australia selected the Ampol name as its new moniker after market research suggested it "continues to be regarded as a trusted brand by Australian consumers".

The transition will see 24 more sites opened in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane before the end of the year.