This home-made electric motorcycle took 11 months to build [Video]

  • Thursday 22nd October 2020

India is all about innovations and there are numerous stories that will inspire you for life. While there are many who take on a project to make new products like a motorcycle or car at home, there are many others who have also made electric vehicles at home. Here is such an inspirational story where is a cycle repair shop owner has made an electric motorcycle all by himself.

The whole project started 11 months ago and the owner of the cycle repair shop has started from scratch to make this electric motorcycle. It has no name yet but all the parts used in this motorcycle are made by him at his workshop. He used parts from other bikes and even bicycles. The only thing that he sourced from outside is the rear sprocket, which was made at a lathe shop.

The bike looks massive and comes powered by a series of lead-acid wet batteries that are stacked between the two wheels of the bike. It takes about 4 hours to charge completely and has a range of about 20-22 km when fully charged. It seems to be a very low range but for someone who has sourced all the parts by himself and made an electric vehicle without any help, it sounds good enough.

The bike is quite heavy. In fact, it weighs a hefty 170 kg and it also gets disc brakes at the front and the rear wheel, which ensures enough stopping power for this heavy motorcycle. There is no regenerative braking system as it requires quite a lot of engineering and electrical work.

It is designed to look like a bobber and gets tall handlebars. There is only a single seat and it gets a fuel tank and faux engine casing that makes it look like a V-Twin engine. The exhausts are fake and are made from PVC. The seat is made out of leather and gets diamond stitching.

At the front, it gets a round headlamp that adds a retro look to the machine. Other than that, we can see a telescopic suspension at the front and a monoshock in the rear. The swingarm seems to have been designed to add a sporty look to the machine and it sure looks quite interesting.

There are many such talented people in India who have made a vehicle from scratch in their backyard or at home. They are all inspiring stories but it should be noted that such automobiles are not road legal. Since they are not tested by the government authorities and have no been certified, you cannot take them out on the public roads.