Honda Dio owner slapped with Rs. 42,500 fine: Walks away leaving scooter behind

  • Sunday 1st November 2020

Arun Kumar, a vegetable vendor and the owner of a Honda Dio scooter, was recently stopped near Madiwala police station in Bangalore, for a traffic violation. The police official who stopped him then entered the registration number of the Honda Dio into the traffic police database, and found that the scooter had an accumulated fine of Rs. 42,500 against it. Also, there were no less than 77 cases of traffic violations against the scooter.

When confronted with these facts and asked to pay up Rs. 42,500, the owner of the Honda Dio, Arun Kumar, simply left the scooter and walked away stating that the value of the scooter was only Rs. 30,000 and there’s no way that he would pay Rs. 42,000 to have it back. Traffic police officials promptly seized the scooter. Meanwhile, here’s what a Bangalore traffic official had to say about this matter,

The cases were pending for two years. Most of the violations were for jumping traffic signals and triple riding. Hence, he was asked to pay Rs 42,500 as penalty. He said that the value of the two-wheeler was less than Rs 30,000 and he will not pay the penalty. 

This is not the first time that a motorist has been fined an amount that’s very large thanks to accumulated traffic violations. In the past, we have brought you similar cases from Hyderabad where both car and two wheeler owners have been slapped with hefty fine amounts due to repeated and multiple traffic violations. Here is a similar case where a Honda Activa owner was hit with a Rs. 1 lakh fine. Here is another case where a Toyota Etios owner was slapped with a fine of Rs. 1 lakh.

What happens to the vehicle if the owner refuses to pay the fine?

The vehicle is seized in such cases. Such cases usually end with owners willingly ceding their vehicle as they’re unable to pay such a large fine. Such seized vehicles then go through a court hearing and depending on the decision of the court, the vehicle is either auctioned off in the market to recover the fine or is returned to the owner after he pays the fine.

Beware of massive fines!

Fines for traffic violations have gone up with the Union Government amending the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA) late last year. The amended MVA was meant to put the fear of hefty fines in the minds of motorists, thereby making them follow rules.