Dirt 5 Launch Trailer Features Aggro Multiplayer

  • Saturday 31st October 2020

It’s official, Dirt 5 is ready to launch on November 6th of 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s no secret that the latest title is a detour from the knife-edge WRC action you’d expect from Dirt Rally 2.0 and Dirt 4. From the trailers, we’d wager that the fifth installment harkens back to the earlier games which emphasized extracurricular modes like Gymkhana and Rallycross.

Prompting gamers to ready up for slaying tires and wrecking suspension, this game clearly shows an emphasis on multiplayer racing. A majority of footage in the video showcases that the developers – Codemasters – are giving the fans what they want. They’ve proven themselves with precise vehicle dynamics in the Dirt Rally games, but Dirt 5 is clearly designed to be an assault on the senses.

With a plethora of vehicles and race tracks on offer, the opportunities for carnage in this game appear almost endless – The trailer reveals sprint cars racing on dirt ovals, rallycross cars jumping to the moon, Stadium Super Trucks bashing fenders, and much more.

One feature that struck a chord with us was the multiplayer experience. As online gameplay is almost ubiquitous in this day and age, the developers have clearly emphasized the local-multiplayer experience this time around; as these types of games have gone through a resurgence as of late, it’s great to see that you can punt your friend’s off track from the same couch.

While it’s no competitor for Wreckfest, it’s clear that Codemasters have silenced the haters and are making the game they want to make. We’ve yet to get our hands on a copy, but it appears that the Dirt games of old are back.